Holiday Gift Guide – 14 and 16 Year Old Boys 2019

This will probably be the last one for boys as they are getting older and this one will be more of a guide than actual items as there are many different brands that will be specific to your kids. My kids do a lot of sleeping these days when they have a day off, along with time on their phone so lots of these items are geared towards that. There are two items though that we really wanted to get that we will go over first. Some of the items may not have that splash factor, but once they get them they will wonder how they lived without them.

Oculus Quest – Our kids love video games, and they did enjoy the PS4 VR system, but it was a pain to reconnect it after we put it away and it was not able to track like the Oculus Quest. The ability to actually move around and have tracking is so much fun and we also love the ability to pick up items with your hand movements.

Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ Pool Table with Folding Legs for Easy Storage, Included Pool Cues and Billiard Ball – The boys wanted a pool table, yet our house does not currently have room for a pool table. Enter the Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ Pool Table with Folding Legs for Easy Storage as it allows the boys to play and put it away if we need to room for something else. We are really excited to see what they think about this one.

Airpods or similar Bluetooth headphones – This is a given as the kids do not have them yet. Airpods are great, but there are a bunch of other ones that work nice if you want a cheaper version.

Unique hoodies – Fashion starts a bit later for the boys, but they are all in on unique hoodies. Adidas, Under Armour, and then hoodies from their favorite music artist stores. You can even find some fun hoodies from Super Dry and other companies that are unique. For my kids unique is the key and we found some great Todd Synder hoodies.

Sneakers – For us we are an Adidas family so if you can score some Ultraboost or Yeezy sneakers you will make the kids happy. If you need to GOAT and StockX are both options in regards to sneakers.

Lightning cables or USB-C cables with LED – These cables break all the time and the kids are always looking for one. The fact that they now light up is a fun little twist on a necessity for your phone.

Gold chain, Silver Chain – You can even go with a stainless steel chain to save some money. We looked at some very nice gold plated chains this year for the kids that are much more reasonable in price.

Controllers for video games – For the controllers we cannot fix, we have to buy new controllers from time to time. What we will say though is if it is something that is fixable, the parts are available online and it becomes a learning experience as well. We have recently fixed a few PS4 controllers with the kids and it made a good teaching moment.

Percussion Massage Gun – If the kids work out, play sports and become a bit sore, these percussion massage guns are wonderful. They have all sorts of price ranges so just find something that works for you. Our kids use it all the time.

Led Strip Lights Battery Powered RGB LED Lights – For some reason these are the new thing in the kids bedrooms and having them battery powered allows them to get put in places without tripping over wires.

Underwear – Kids are more into underwear these days and with the multitude of brands there is something more fashion than utilitarian about underwear. We can attest to the fact that a really nice pair of underwear from Tommy John or another brand can make a huge difference in comfort.

Battery charger for phones – The newer phones are lasting longer and longer between charges, but having a good Anker charger is still a necessity for those long days.

Neck pillow – For those times when you have to take them in the car on a family trip, this will make them have much less to complain about as they sleep and don’t wake up with a sore neck.

Board Games – It was a surprise to us, when we told our oldest that we would be having a monthly game night that he was not annoyed with that. He actually was excited so it was time to add a few more games to the game closet.

New pillows – We did say the kids sleep a lot right? We all probably do not replace our pillows enough, so getting them a nice new pillow is always a nice gift.

Sleep Mask – The kids sleep during the day and having a nice sleep mask rather than a bed sheet, blanket or old underwear will make a huge difference to them.

Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station – If you are limited on space and your kids are ready to start lifting, this is the perfect setup

Microphone – Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Soundcloud, these kids are recording all sorts of things and a quality USB microphone can make a lot of difference. If you really don’t know what you are looking for Blue Yeti is a good starter microphone.

Dartboard with soft tips – There are some very nice electronic ones so that they kids can play all sorts of games without ruining the walls wherever the board is setup.

Sneaker Dryer – After a tough game in the rain, or just from all the sweat, this will keep your sneakers smelling better and hopefully that means you can wear them for a longer time. This became a bigger issue as the kids got older.