Ravensburger’s Acquires ThinkFun

ThinkFun Ravensburger

One of our favorite smaller companies, ThinkFun has been acquired by Ravensburger and hopefully it means good things. We were introduced to ThinkFun through one of our favorite games Rush Hour (and its many iterations), and Last Letter has been a favorite card game of ours on long trips. They have many other games that we enjoy and we are hopeful that this allows them to focus on bringing more great games to everyone.

Ravensburger AG, a leading international toy company loved the world over for its fun and engaging quality toys and games, today announced its acquisition of ThinkFun®, the leading developer of logic and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) games in the U.S. market. The move broadens the company’s portfolio of brands, while strengthening its position in the games category of the U.S. toy and game market. ThinkFun joins Wonder Forge™, acquired in 2012, and BRIO®, acquired in 2015, as the newest company under the recently established Ravensburger North America division.

“We have known and admired ThinkFun for a long time,” says Clemens Maier, CEO of Ravensburger AG. “The name says it all—ThinkFun games are as rich in content as they are fun to play. Its unique brand and games fit perfectly with our mission of promoting playful development as we continue to broaden our expertise in the games category and grow our business in North America.”

Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello founded ThinkFun 33 years ago, and from the start specialized in creating games designed to engage players and stimulate minds. The company has won hundreds of awards for its high quality games, the most famous of which is Rush Hour®, a classic logic game that has sold more than 10 million units since it launched over 20 years ago, and today is still a top-seller. ThinkFun games, including more recent standouts such as Zingo®, Gravity Maze® and Laser Maze®, are designed to spark curiousity, build confidence and nurture lifelong learners.





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