UNO has introduced a version of the game that can be played for people that are color blind called UNO ColorADD. Growing up I have a very slight form of color issues, but nothing that prohibited me from playing UNO, which is a game that I grew up on at the pool. For everyone that was unable to play or had to mark their cards to play this is a great advancement to the game. This is not the first game to take people that color blind into account and that is a great thing.

UNO® ColorADD is the world’s first card game optimized for the color blind. UNO® requires the identification of colors to play the game, and the ColorADD color identification system uses symbols to represent different colors allowing players with any form of colorblindness to easily play. Cards are marked with the ColorADD symbols for the traditional UNO® colors of Blue, Red, Green and Yellow, but all other rules of classic UNO® apply.

Designed in partnership with ColorADD, the global organization for colorblind accessibility and education, the deck features its proprietary code, an inclusive and non-discriminative language that enables people with any type of color blindness to identify color.

“Our color coding system has been incorporated in various ways, including in grammar schools, public transportation, hospitals, and consumer goods such as colored pencils and clothing,” said Miguel Neiva, Creator of ColorADD. “By partnering with UNO, we can bring our mission to an even broader audience, promoting inclusivity and raising awareness for an often-overlooked, and under-discussed, condition.”






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