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Enchantimals are one of the new products that will be geared towards girls in the Fall of this year and these cute dolls are half girl and half animal who also have their own animal friend. These characters live in a fantastical world and share the message of “Caring is Everything.” and what a great message that is for young children to grasp. So far we have seen a bunch of different animal pairs but the panda, fox and skunk are some of our favorites. Expect to see all different kinds of animals as the product line grows. There is also a Playhouse set that will include Prue Panda and Panda Friends with the vehicle line be introduced with Taylee Turtle and a tricycle. The Merit Monkey doll will come with a fruit cart and this looks to be a very fun product line.

What immediately comes to mind for me is will we see a full blown show or some YouTube/Internet shorts for the characters? There also seems to a very easy way to include Roleplay items for the characters as well. Looking forward to seeing what Mattel has in mind for the Enchantimals, but we will be happy to be along for the ride as girls everywhere clamor for these half girl/half animal dolls.

Mattel’s newest girl’s property celebrates the special bond between girls and their animal friends. Our research has shown that girls love animals, and it is the #3 play thematic for girls. The new line of Enchantimals, launching this fall, is a group of half girl/half animal friends who live in a fantastical world and share the message that “Caring is Everything.” The doll line introduces an assortment of dolls emulating animals including a fox, panda, bunny and more.

Take a look at the video below of some of the Enchantimals Toys:

Enchantimals Doll + Animal Friend Assortment (DVH87)

• Choose from Enchantimals dolls and animal friends themed to a bunny, fox, skunk, peacock, koala or lamb.
• Each of the six-inch dolls has rooted hair, animal-inspired ears and themed headpieces.
• Each doll also wears a colorful outfit with bright colors, floral prints, furry touches and matching shoes.
• Fun touches add whimsy to each character, like brightly colored hair, animal facial features and unique accents — “woolly” white hair for the Lorna Lamb doll, koala-shaped boots for the Karina Koala doll and rabbit ears for the Bree Bunny doll.
• The animal besties have cute touches of their own, like a flower detail in their hair or a soft bit of furry texture.
• Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends, and
collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals.

Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set with Prue Panda Doll and Panda Friend (FCG94)

• This three-story panda tree house play set, with the Prue Panda doll and panda friend figure inspired by the world of Enchantimals, is absolutely enchanting.
• Multiple play spaces are designed with bright colors and nature-inspired details; furnishings add to the storytelling fun; and dual accessories provide one big piece for the doll and one small matching piece for her bestie.
• There’s a kitchen with a table and seating, plus food for the two friends.
• The bathroom has two toilets and two sinks with different sizes and heights for the doll and her bestie.
• Take the stairs in the tree to the second floor or use the nest elevator —
child activation moves it between levels.
• Upstairs there’s a branch where the panda friend can sit, a balcony where the two friends can stargaze and a bedroom set up for sweet dreams — the bunk beds are so fun.
• At the top of the tree is a lookout and in the middle is a play area with two swings (one for the Enchantimals doll and one for her animal friend), plus an animal-sized slide.
• The Prue Panda doll has dark black hair and wears a floral print on the removable skirt, a furry stole and pink boots decorated with pandas.
• The adorable panda friend holds a sweet pose to inspire bonding fun.

Enchantimals Built for Two (FCC65)

• Roll into fun with the Taylee Turtle doll and her turtle bestie that have a tricycle with a carriage in back .
• Simply place the Taylee Turtle doll on the seat, clip her feet into the pedals and her hands on the handlebars, then push to roll the wheels and see her legs pedal for a realistic ride.
• Her adorable turtle friend sits in the carriage with a canopy, both in shades of pink.
• The Taylee Turtle doll has long teal hair and is ready to ride wearing a colorful look with floral print on the removable shorts and pink shoes with sock details.
• The Taylee Turtle doll and the turtle friend each have a shell-inspired pink helmet with yellow flower.

Enchantimals Fruit Cart (FCG93)

• Roll into fun with the Merit Monkey doll and her monkey bestie that have a fruit cart stocked with supplies.
• The colorful fruit cart has two bright yellow wheels, a pink push handle, shelves and a hook to display the fruity treats.
• Feed the forest with a bunch of bananas, a basket of berries, a pineapple, a jug and two fruity drinks.
• The Merit Monkey doll is ready to serve up fun wearing a colorful look with floral print on the removable skirt and matching yellow boots. Pretty brown hair and monkey ears will delight animal lovers.






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