Blind Bag Toys

The kids love the game and with success always comes toys! has a line of toys that include some small and large plush, some plush backpack clips, a collectable vinyl figure as well as the always popular blind bags which we are here to show you today. Bonkers Toys has put a nice quality product in these blind bags and while we may not have gotten our favorite, that just means that we will be going back for more.

What we found to be a cool part of these blind bags, is when you get a duplicate it is not necessarily a bad thing, because this is one way to “grow” your for even more fun just like in the game. You want to be the biggest and the longest? Get a few duplicates and you can make that happen. We did not find our favorite this time around, but that just means we will be getting more blind bags to look in. The expression on the toys face is awesome and we give you a close up look. They are a bit bendable and poseable as well, so they will sit on your desk in between your time on the app playing.






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