Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir New Toys

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir has been a hit animated show that is set in Paris with teenagers Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. Marinette is superhero Ladybug and Adrien transforms into his superhero Cat Noir to fight villain Hawk Moth. It has taken the internet by storm and last year we got to see the introduction of a bunch of toys by Bandai come to the states. This year they are upping their game and introducing even more action dolls, fashion dolls, vehicles, plush and role-play items.

The Miraculous toy product line is targeting girls 4-8 years old with the toys delivering key themes of aspirational action play (Ladybug’s World), transformation (BE Miraculous) and friendship (Marinette’s World). With the brand focusing on both Marinette’s and Ladybug’s world, girls can get complete play with the Miraculous toy line with both traditional play with fashion dolls and new action play with the line of action dolls.

As you peek at the items below, we are really happy to see Light-Up Ladybug make an appearance. We just love Ladybug with her light up wings that pop out of her backpack for crime fighting. Which items are you most looking forward to adding to your Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir collection?

Action Dolls

With a line of Action Dolls girls can recreate Ladybug’s World in their homes with aspirational action play. Our superhero Ladybug and her partner Cat Noir use various actions to stop the evil-doers in Paris, and with the full line of action dolls you too can stop the evil-doers in your home! Ages 4+

7.5” Basic Action Doll Assortment – Replicate iconic scenes and moves from the show with these 7.5” action dolls. Recreate Ladybug’s signature whirling compact movement or Cat Noir’s twisting staff to stop villains.

5.5” Action Dolls Assortment – Girls can recreate their favorite scenes with these 5.5” action dolls. o Each doll has at least 9 points of articulation. Each doll comes with iconic accessories for more play. Assortment includes core friends, heroes, and villains.

5.5” Action Doll Vehicle – Girls can now pretend their favorite characters are zoomin’ around Paris in their own vehicle. Vehicle comes with Tikki and an exclusive 5.5″ Ladybug action doll and helmet for more Miraculous play

5.5” Action Set Assortment – Recreate and reinvent scenes from the show with props and characters straight from the screen. Playset includes characters and props compatible with the 5.5” action dolls

Deluxe Fashion Doll Assortment

Fashion Dolls

Miraculous fashion dolls allows girls to have traditional play as they recreate their favorite scenes with the core characters. Ages 4+

Core Friends Assortment – Each doll comes with key accessory for even more play! Each doll is 10 ½ inches and is wearing their respective signature looks!o Miraculous fashion dolls allows girls to recreate their favorite scenes with core characters.

Deluxe Fashion Doll Assortment – Expanded fashion doll play with props and accessories based on the show o Comes with 10.5” fashion doll, accessories, and bonus characters or props

Light-Up Ladybug – Gorgeous Ladybug fashion doll features stunning light up wings. Girls can soar into action with this exclusive Ladybug costumed fashion doll. Wings reveal and expand from backpack.

Light Up Ladybug

Role Play

Core Role Play Assortment – Role play as popular characters from Miraculous. Complete set allows kids to dress up as both the civilian and superhero versions of the characters

Role Play Compact Assortment – Girls can role play as Ladybug with her crime-fighting compacts. Plays music and theme song from the show


Girls can bring home their favorite Kwami characters, hug them and take them on their own adventures! Ages 0+

Plush Assortment – Soft 6” mini plush. Re-create favorite scenes from Miraculous with our soft mini 6″ plush of the adorable Kwamis! Girls can hug their favorite characters’ adorable Kwamis and take them on all their adventures.

Zoomin’ Ladybug


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