HEXBUG nano Space

HEXBUG nano toys are some of our favorite toys that all of the kids could all play with together and have fun, really no matter their age. HEXBUG is now going to give us a Nano Space set of products that will allow kids to get interested in space with the help of their cool little friends.

Love the colors and the cool little vehicles that allow your nano to play the role of astronaut and explore the space station as well as what ever world your imagination dreams up for them to explore, it may be time to take our HEXBUG nano out of cryogenic hibernation (aka the closet) but I am sure everyone would love playing with the HEXBUG nano Space sets. One small step for a HEXBUG nano and one gigantic leap for fun.

We have lift off! Create an intergalactic odyssey narrative for your nano bugs with HEXBUG nano Space! Designed to pique children’s interest in space, these toys expand creative play like never before! Now kids can design an environment for their nano to explore, implementing imagination into everyday play.Climb aboard the training post, strap a jetpack on and zoom through the air with nano Space Zipline. Transform your nano into an astronaut ready to explore the nano Space Discovery Station in its nano-sized rover. Take hold of mission control, and deliver valuable resources using hand-powered vehicles with nano Space Cosmic Command. Adventure is out of this world with nano Space!

While the HEXBUG Nano Space sets looks awesome our favorite will still always be the HEXBUG race track, our kids (and even the parents) had tons of hours of fun with that.

HEXBUG nano Space





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