Water Wubble Self-Sealing Water Balloon Ball

That time of the year is coming, the time of year where you kids want to get outside and have some fun in the sun. Water balloon fights are a staple of summer but there is a lot to deal with, getting enough balloons, finding the right kind of balloons that work well, tying those balloons, filling more balloons and tying them and eventually what happens is someone turns the hose on instead of the balloons and foul play is declared. After all the fighting is done you have to find those little pieces of balloons so your kids, pets, animals don’t get hurt. It becomes a lot of work for a limited amount of fun that requires a fair amount of parent intervention, as most kids have trouble tying the balloons.

Water Wubble water balloon balls have solved all these problems with a refillable water balloon that seals itself. As they state, there is no cleanup as they only splash not pop. They can also be refilled by a hose or even something as simple as a water bottle if you want to keep the mess down (and limit from anyone going nuclear with the hose itself during the battle) which makes them something that does not a lot of parent oversight.

NSI International, Inc. – makers of the wildly popular Wubble brand of products – has taken the classic water balloon battle to a whole new level. Water Wubble is the world’s only refillable, self-sealing water balloon ball! Water Wubble Water Balloon Balls can be refilled hundreds of times! Water Wubble water balloon balls seal themselves, so fingers never fumble to tie them. There’s no clean up, because they splash, but don’t pop. And best of all, Water Wubbles can be filled and refilled hundreds and hundreds of times – and to almost any size the user desires!

One pack isn’t going to do it for us, make sure to stock up before the summer for some crazy sort of fun with Water Wubble water balloon balls.

Water Wubble Water Balloons





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