Amarr M. Wooten’s Favorite Toy

Amarr M. Wooten, tell us your favorite toy growing up (non-video game) and why you liked it so much.

My favorite toy growing up was my Spider-Man action figure because Spider-Man was my favorite Superhero!

Amarr M. Wooten, a Washington D.C. native, has been acting since the age of 3. Amarr is currently starring as Finch in Disney Channel’s LIV AND MADDIE Season 4 and recurring on AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE. Other TV credits include a Guest-Starring role on BUNK’D, and nice roles on CRIMINAL MINDS, LIFE IN PIECES, and UNCLE BUCK. Recently, Amarr played the lead role of Sheldon in Nickelodeon’s original movie SPLITTING ADAM. Amarr has also appeared in numerous National Network commercials

Instagram: @amarrmw
Twitter: @AmarrWooten
Snapchat: @amarrwooten21





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