Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Belle Doll

There is a lot riding on the Disney Beauty and the Beast live action movie and from what we have seen of the trailers it is going to be amazing. As the kids go in droves to see the movie, they will be expecting toys to play with as well. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Belle is going to make everyone quite happy. We always love the quality and detail of the dolls that Jakks Pacific puts out and this Belle is no exception.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Belle: Belle is radiant with beauty and grace as she descends the grand staircase into the enchanted ballroom. Ballroom Belle is a large-scale doll standing approximately 14-inches tall, and dressed in her beautiful yellow ball gown with gold details, shoes, plus her iconic “tree of life” pendant necklace, inspired by the film.

Watch the film, buy the doll, have a happy child.

Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll





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