Splashlings Wave 2

We got to get up close and personal with Wave 2 of the Splashlings that arrived this month at Walmart from TPF Toys. Splashlings were invented by Mike Bowling, the creator of Pound Puppies. Wave 2 brings Splashlings Mermaids Assortments, Mermaid 6 pack and Splashlings Ocean Full of Friends 2-packs.

TPF Toys latest addition of mermaid-themed characters and friends feature a series of ultra-rare color change characters, that when dipped in icy cold water, amazingly changes colors!

With the new wave of 100 new mermaids, ocean friends (think crabs, sand dollars…), gems, shells and treasures it brings up the count to over 200 ocean-themed characters. Wave 2 also introduces us to the ultra-rare color change characters. Take a look at our video where we find a few of those ultra-rare characters.





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