Gift ’ems Series Two

One of our favorite collectibles, Gift ’ems, is returning with Series Two that will have almost one hundred new dolls and some exciting accessories. Our daughter loves the fact that these dolls come from different countries and cities and you can learn a bit about each of their locations as well.

Gift ‘ems: With NEW countries, cities, and themes to choose from, kids will want to collect the all new Series Two Gift ‘ems™. The line encompasses 90 new dolls and accessories including a scooter, speedboat, sports car, beach playset, private jet and more!

We were able to get a picture of one of the new Gift ’ems Series Two with a scooter and they look like a lot of fun. The packaging (gift boxes) that they dolls come in are great for play even after opening and 90 new dolls seems like a great number for tracking down those rare ones. Speedboat, private jet? Some of these Gift ‘Ems seem pretty well off, will be interesting to hear their story. Stay tuned as we will certainly be doing a blind pack opening on these great collectables.





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