Tenney Grant and Logan Everett American Girl Dolls

The newest American Girl Dolls will be coming in the next few days and they will be Tenney Grant and Logan Everett who are connected by being in the same band. Tenney is a rising star in Nashville being a breakout songwriter and singer. The 18-inch doll has curly blond hair and brown eyes and a great outfit that shows her artistic side. She will have a Taylor GS Mini guitar as well as a stage and dressing room included in her 40 pieces. Logan Everett the first boy American Girl Doll is Tenney’s drummer and has brown hair, gray eyes and his own drum set.

There will also be a Tenney book series that is set to inspire girls to share their authentic side and chase after their dreams. You will get to see Tenney start out and then rise through the ranks of stardom as she stays true to herself and her music. Also a great companion to your American Doll and gives your children even more connection to their doll by knowing that they have a story.

There are going to be a whole bunch of other cool Teeney related things going on throughout the year that includes some online videos, book excerpts, activities, wallpapers and e-cards. There is also going to be Tenney-inspired music as American Girl worked with Nashville’s Erika Wollam Nichols to find some music. Songs were chosen from nine girls and you can see them being featured in products, books and behind the scenes videos on the YouTube channel.  Starting this month there will also be Tenney Debut Events at American Girl stores, where again there will be activities, giveaways and photo opportunities. The one that is the most exciting is the Radio Disney Music Awards show is going to partner with American Girl Dolls and Tenney. Tenney will be will be supporting the Heroes for Change Award and Music In Our School initiative during the show.

The Tenney collection is available on February 16th and you can check out videos of some pictures of both Tenney Grant and Logan Everett below. I think it was a great idea to introduce their first boy doll this year and think that these two dolls are going to make a great pair.





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