Mario Kart Building Sets

Mario Kart: Bike Assortment Series 2 and Mario Kart: Kart Assortment Series 2 K’NEX sets will be coming in the Fall of 2017. The assortment for bikes includes ones from Yoshi, Toad and Mario while the Kart Assortment will include Shy Guy, Wario and Mario. Once you build the kart of bike you can also transform them into hover mode as well.

Just think of all the cool tracks you can make for these figures to have your own “real life” Mario Kart races going on in your living room. I can also think of a ton of cool stop motion videos you could film with a full set of racers.

You will find a picture of the Super Mario: Mystery Figure Bags Series 10 and Series 9 below. These will both be available in the Fall of 2017 and will include the following buildable figures: Maker Mario, Purple Toad, Cannon Box Luigi, Luigi with the Poltergust 5000, Red Yoshi, Mario, Cat Princess Peach, Cannon Box Mario, Fire Luigi, Maker Mario, Para Dry Bones, Mario, Bowser Jr., or Blue Toad. Cat Princess Peach and Para Dry Bones are probably my favorite figures from each of the sets. Series 8 you should be able to find on the K’NEX website or at stores and has Diddy and Donkey Kong as figures you might get.

My favorite over all would be the Wario Kart as well as the cool Diddy and Donkey Kong figures. Mario Kart is one of our favorite family games and these figures are really a great toy to have as a set to display or play with when you are taking some time off of the video games. We would love to see some accessories so you could really put together your own “tracks” with obstacles around the living room, I mean who wouldn’t want to have a blue shell accessory, attack plant, fireball or mushroom boost!

Mario Kart 8 KNEX Figures





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