Tinkertoy My Little Pony Building Sets

My Little Pony fans are going to have some new building sets to play with as K’NEX has licensed the brand from Hasbro. The Tinkertoy sets and characters are from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and they look great. The building sets look detailed and have a bunch of different accessories to go with each one.

The three Pony Pals Assortments will include a Rarity Building Set, Applejack Building Set and Fluttershy Building Set. The sets will have 11-14 differnet pices and each one of the them will have some cool accessories to go along with it. The Rarity set will have a vanity and comb, the Applejack set will have her apple cart and 2 apples, and the Fluttershy set will have Angel, her bunny companion, and a tree swing.

There will then be three larger sets that you can buy as well which are the Pinkie Pie & Sweet Shop, Twilight Sparkle & Canterlot Castle, and Rainbow Dash & Cloudsdale Building Sets. Each of the larger building sets allow you to construct 3 different building ideas and combining sets allows the possibilities to be endless. The Rainbow Dash & Cloudsdale set features a spin ride, rainbow slide and cloud accessories, the Pinkie Pie set has cupcakes and a cupcake cart, and the Twilight Sparkle set has a working swing and lift elevator.

You can check out the pictures of the sets below and let us know what you think of the My Little Pony K’NEX Building Sets that will be introduced in Fall of 2017.





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