Angry Birds Stack and Splash

The Angry Birds game is huge and has launched toys, movies and all sorts of licensing opportunities. SCS Direct has come up with what we think is the best license of them all, pool and bath toys that allow you to really setup some true real life Angry Birds gaming.

Angry Birds games have been downloaded over 1 billion times and are played monthly by 200 million people worldwide. The overwhelming popularity of the Angry Birds games inspired last year’s release of The Angry Birds Movie. SCS Direct is excited to introduce their line of Angry Birds pool/bath toys which include the Stack and Splash Pool Game, Super Shooters and Bath Squirters.

This is going to be great for the backyard BBQ, the pool party, or the neighborhood pool. Buy a few sets and make some crazy “levels” of the pool version of Angry Birds. I can think of a few ways to play, first to knock them all down, the one to knock them down with the least amount of shots, the one that knocks them down with the least amount of water. There are going to be all sorts of different ways to enjoy these pool toys. SCS Direct also has Angry Birds: Classic Super Grow Eggs as well as a pancake pan and silicon ice trays. These Angry Birds Stack and Splash Toys should be available soon.





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