Moosh-Moosh Series 5 – Hugs All Around

We are in love with Moosh-Moosh series 5 characters and have been getting our hugs in. They are squishy, mooshy, pillow-y characters that are perfect for snuggles. They are collectable as well, with all sorts of fun characters in each of the different series, but some are sold out already, so make sure you get your favorites from Moosh-Moosh series 5.

Our kids loved them, and we even had a Moosh-Moosh going to college, study hard Dawn the Octopus. They are so relaxing to hug and moosh, we also love the fact that they are machine washable.

You can see our Moosh-Moosh series 5 review in the video:

Moosh-Moosh Series 5 has been released, and it’s filled with a dozen adorable pillow-y pals that are perfect for snuggling, collecting, and comforting. From Ana, the yellow pineapple, to Maya, the soft cactus with pretty red flowers, these plush toys are irresistibly cute and cuddly.

But it’s not just their cuteness that makes Moosh-Moosh special. These plush companions have been praised by toy industry experts for their softness and have even won awards for their ability to provide comfort and support to children. They are the ideal MESH (Mental, Emotional, and Social Health) toys, helping kids navigate strong emotions and difficult experiences.