Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. By I See Me!

Our Familys Race Across the USA

Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. by I See Me! is the companies first personalized board game for families. We were introduced to I See Me! with their book series, which we have enjoyed very much and this board game is going to make another great product for them. What you will be able to do is customize the board game with your last name as well as the six game pieces by uploading photos of your family. You can use all sorts of photos so expect one of your kids to do something funny. The family name will also be put into the game board as well.

We enjoy board games and the personalization is great, we would have just liked to have seen another version of the game that might have been a bit more complex for kids as they get older. This version of the game seems to be for the younger kids, but it is a great looking board and the customization will get the kids excited to play.

This holiday season, embark on an engaging board game adventure with Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A., I See Me!’s first personalized board game for families! In a race across America, players must be the first to cross the finish to win. Unlike any other game, family members can customize up to six game pieces with photos of their faces! Make a silly face, use a photo of your favorite stuffed animal—creating the custom pieces is half the fun! The family’s names will also be incorporated into the game board artwork.

With this new venture into games, I See Me! is also launching three alphabet matching card games that correspond to titles from the bestselling My Very Own® series. Every card can be customized with a photo of a child’s face and his or her name, offering a unique gift to families seeking a lasting keepsake.

“There has been a renaissance of board games because families are looking for ways to come together and play without using electronics,” says Maia Haag, Co-Founder and President of I See Me! “We are creating an innovative new type of product within the gaming industry, combining the love of board games with the fun of seeing one’s own name and face in the game. What kid wouldn’t love to see their face driving in a car zooming past the face of their parent in a game?”

Families looking for innovative new games to play this holiday season can begin ordering in November at www.iseeme.com, where they will ship directly to the recipient. Over the last sixteen years, I See Me! has become the leader in personalized books and gifts for children with a mission to celebrate the uniqueness of each child.