ELFKINS Now Available – The Smart Toy Bringing Children and Their Families Together

ELFKINS Communications Robot Now Available (PRNewsfoto/Empath)

A new smart toy is on it’s way to shelves and homes everywhere thanks to a new release from Empath. The company recently announced the sale of ELFKINS Communications Robot, a smart toy that enables safe, screen-free communication between children and their loved ones. According to the press release, the ELFKINS platform helps families overcome the frustration with challenging schedules, disparate time zones and difficulties with children staying on camera.

ELFKINS was inspired by the creator’s daughter and the frustrations that came with trying to stay connected – especially while he was at work. Patrick Chiang, founder/CEO of Empath, set out to create a solution. He said,

“As much as we, as parents, would love to always be at home, most of us face the realities of work, travel and living in different geographies from our extended family. We created ELFKINS to bridge this gap for families so we can continue to share, teach and have fun with our children even when we are away.”

With the push of a button, children can record messages and send them to family and friends within their parentally approved networks (watch here). In turn, through the ELFKINS app, adults not only respond but also capture a child’s imagination with personalized animatronic gestures. Also, provided in the app are ELFKINS activities, creative templates crafted to entertain, educate and spark creativity.

Dr. Anne Cunningham, PhD. (Professor, University of California, Berkeley) says,

“Children by and large live in the present, their proclivity is to talk about something fun or interesting that happened to them in that moment. Through their own imagination and creative stories, adults and children can form a bond across the miles that serve to build a trusting relationship and secure attachment. The ELFKINS product is a dynamic tool that promotes children’s creativity, develops verbal and cognitive skills, and nurtures their social and emotional development.”

Empath, supported by advisors such as Dr. Cunningham, Tom Kalinske, (former CEO of Leapfrog, Sega and Mattel) and Don Kingsborough (Teddy Ruxpin), designed a product with the child in mind first.  ELFKINS is focused on engaging children and families while also educating and entertaining. “ELFKINS is a product designed with a great balance between user and market needs,” says Tom Kalinske. ELFKINS’s features include animatronic messaging, creative templates (activities), story starters, robot remote control and more. 

Together happens anywhere.  Learn more at www.elfkins.com.