Mad Moves Boardgame

We first got to see Mad Moves while on Toy Box, and as a family we were pretty surprised that it did not move on. Our daughter thought it was a great idea and that it would be a game that she would love to play as she enjoys both dancing and laughing.

The game works by trying to win the most category cards. So to start the game you will need to use the spinner and where it lands will be the type of dance you will need to do. Everyone will know the dance, but based on the color you will have to pick a category card and you will keep that to yourself. The categories are person, action or animal and you will need to base the dance on your card and what you have spun on the spinner. The rest of the players will know the dance type and they will know which category you are attempting which will be helpful, but don’t be surprised if sometimes you will get a tomato card.

While you perform you can not talk or make sound effects and if someone is able to guess what it is, they will get the category card. If no one can guess you will get a tomato card which will cancel out any category cards you will be able to get yourself. There are a few other cards like Freeze Dance cards where you strike a pose, say Freeze Dance and the last person to do it gets a tomato card. Dance Battle is on the spinner as well and if you get that you will pick a person and battle them like a memory game where you do your move, the second person has to do your move and then add their own move and so on.

We had a great time playing this game and there was a lot of joking, laughing, falling down, and crazy guesses while we were playing. This is a really fun party game that can be played with the whole family or easy enough for the younger kids to play by themselves.

Ashley Mady, founder and president of brand licensing agency and think tank Brandberry, Inc. grew up dancing. For her, this endeavor is the confluence of three of her favorite things — dance, toy design and making people laugh and smile. “Like many young girls, I started dance classes at an early age and it continued as a large part of my life growing up. The idea that I could develop a game that gets people out of their chairs, moving and laughing is incredibly exciting,” Mady explained.

There is also a harder spinner that has Mad Moves Midnight containing harder dances to perform.

Mad Moves is a brand new insanely fun party game that will have you acting like a monkey doing the twist, pretending to be a T-Rex performing ballet or a tap dancing robot! Mad Moves combines popular dance moves with an animal, action or person; put together for an outrageous party game that will have the masses in stitches. The best part is, no dance experience is required.

With its crazy fun game play, hilarious antics and groovy action, Mad Moves is primed to become the next hot kid and party game! What kind of #madmoves do you have?