Zoomer Show Pony

Zoomer Show Pony

We are huge Zoomer fans, being amazed seeing the first one and now Spin Master has given us Zoomer Show Pony. The Zoomer Show Pony will respond to your touch and you can use the sugar cube, apple, carrot and hair brush to interact with her. She will even do tricks like dancing and singing. When Zoomer Show Pony gets hungry you can feed her and is responsive to your touch.

Zoomer Show Pony makes pony sounds, responds to your touch, communicates her feelings with her LCD eyes, perform tricks as well as being trainable. There is also a sugar dance mode if you give her too many sugar cubes.

Trot home a new best friend! Zoomer Show Pony is a sweet interactive toy who sings, dances and moves just like a real pony! When she performs well, treat her with a yummy sugar cube! She loves to snack on sugar, and may even get hyper and perform her special sugar dance! This little pony’s hair is streaked a stunning hot pink and white. Use the brush accessory to style her for the big show!