New TOMY Toomies

TOMY Toomies

TOMY Toomies, the fun bath and toddler toys also have some exciting new products that were announced. Pop & Hatch and Flappee Stackees will be introduced. Pop & Hatch is sort of a crawling type toy, while Flappee Stackees is a mix and match stacking toy, both have the very unique and fun Toomies style. There is also a new bubbly penguin that will be introduced into the Peryn’s Shower & Scrub bath line.

Toomies— Toomies stands for the sheer joy of play! Understanding that memories are formed when laughter is shared, Toomies unveils its new brand identity with toys that feature quirky characters and surprising takes on traditional play patterns. This year, Toomies expands its toddler toy line with Pop & Hatch, a silly twist on a classic crawling toy and Flappee Stackees, a unique mix and match stacking toy. Also new for 2018, Toomies adds to its popular bath line with Peryn’s Shower & Scrub, a bubbly penguin that turns bath time into play time.